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Business Consulting

Our business consultation service provides clients with a second opinion on a challenge or situation from a fresh set of eyes. Business consultants can save you time & money, as well as helping you put plans into place by recognising where opportunities are within your business. This service is also perfect for future plans and ensuring that your business is always growing and pointed in the right direction.

With a specialism in company growth and increased profitability, CB Dynamics aim to listen to challenges and flip them to create a positive outcome for the business. We do this by immersing ourselves within your team, listening to you and getting to know what makes you tick. This all helps us identify where things may not be quite right, and allows us to help you rectify this.

As well as general consulting, we can also advise businesses on GDPR measures. Since GDPR was introduced in 2018, many UK businesses are still unaware that it is a legal requirement to manage data in a safe way. We run an audit on your business and help  put a process in place to ensure you are operating within the law when it comes to your customer data.


What is business consulting?

Business consulting (or a business consultant) are professionals who you invite into your company to help turn challenges you are facing into opportunities. This can involve working alongside a business owner to focus education, planning & implementation to improve a businesses growth & efficiencies. Not only this, but a business consultant can identify marketing needs, help with developing business plans and educate a business owner on necessary skills.

What can I expect from a business consultant?

A business consultant can be exactly what you need to improve your business processes, increase sales & educate your team. But what should you expect from a business consultant?

  • Knowledge of business.
  • Passion about your business.
  • Guidance on great leadership.
  • Provide a strategic plan.
  • Give effective training to you and employees.
  • Measurable results.
When should I hire a business consultant?

There will come a time in your businesses time scale where you need professional help from a business consultant.

We can’t tell you a specific time frame for this as it varies from business to business, however when you begin to realise that you lack expertise, need a process improved or need someone to come up with fresh ideas, it’s probably time to ask someone to  look at those frustrations with you.

What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation was introduced to the UK in 2018 and its primary function is to protect the privacy of personal data of the public in the UK & Europe.

Information can be stolen or lost, and can sometimes be released into the hands of people who were not supposed to see it such as hackers. GDPR is essentially the practice of ensuring that personal data is collected in a legal way and is protected from misuse.

Business Analytics

Similar to business consultancy, our analytical services provide a new outlook on your business. An analyst takes a more critical viewpoint and investigates issues that affect operations and process efficiencies. Typically, this involves the implementation of new or improved ways of working.

At CB Dynamics, we aim to integrate with your business to learn exactly how you expect things to function. This allows us to take a critical approach when evaluating the businesses challenges and seeking effective business solutions through improvements in aspects of business areas or systems.


What is a business analyst?

A business analyst is someone who looks at the data & IT side of your business, and analyses how functional and efficient this is. They will then deliver data driven solutions and recommendations to your team to implement.

Why is business analysis important?

You can’t make educated, measured decisions without the proper data to back it up. To achieve the desired objectives identified in your business consultations and meetings, you need data and information to make a plan to move forwards. A business analyst harvests information about your business (the technical side) and presents this information to you in a clear, simple to understand manner.

Financial Consulting & Bookkeeping

Keeping on top of your finances and ensuring you are financially stable is a key element to running a business. We draw on our experience in the finance sector to help you find ways to make the most of your processes, capture economical benefits and building a loyal customer base.

At CB Dynamics, we work with you to identify challenges you may be having financially and help put a plan together to get things back on track. We can help you maintain good financial habits and assist with Bookkeeping too, where we will advise of any activities that may benefit the business, such as ways to offset your tax or advise of clients who may not be paying their bills.


What is financial consulting?

Financial consultants tend to focus on providing financial advice internally for a business. This can be activities such as assessing capital efficiency & profits or analysing financial goals such as tax strategies, or saving for a specific reason.

What does a bookkeeper do?

The role of a bookkeeper is to provide the business with accurate & current financial information. A bookkeeper has three core responsibilities; recording financial transactions & balancing books, cross referencing sales & purchases and finally – summarising the business’s financial position at the end of each month.

Some bookkeepers can also share jobs with an accountant – such as preparation of annual reports or tax returns.