Case Study: Fuel Cards / Time sheets

Inefficient fuel
card usage

How we helped partner a fleet company with a company that provids competitive rates as opposed to ‘pump price’.

Identifying the Problem

CB Dynamics were asked to review a specific part of a commercial fleet business to help  combat fuel costs and claiming expenses.

With 150 employees and a commercial fleet of 50 vehicles, their current provider was not supporting the business as it grew. With ‘at pump pricing’ and no analytics available the fuel cards were either not being used which led to additional expense claims being made or chose locations based on convenience, even motorway service stations where additional surcharges applied.

The Solution

To approach this area of frustration for the management team, we split this into two areas:

  • Expense Claims Process
  • Fuel card provider

With claims being made by both employees and sub-contractors alike, we looked to standardise the approach. The reduction in manual entry on the part of the expense team and a reduction in the amount of wasted paper generated in copying of and physical storage of expense claims. To accomplish this, we worked with a 3rd party who provides cloud-based solutions for expenses, they added benefit here is that the product our client went with also allows for the recording of time sheets.

The second area focused on was the review of fuel cards. The clients existing provider had a limited offering with no reporting or analytics available and no benefit over pump prices. We approached several providers and ultimately partnered with a provider which not only provides competitive rates as opposed to ‘pump price’ and an online portal for simple reporting but also offers a national network with minimal surcharge for motorway usage.

The Result


A robust expense claims procedure implemented and a minimum fuel saving of £20,000 across 2021
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